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This offering has been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities as an OSAP eligible micro-credential. To learn more about the process to apply for OSAP micro-credential funding at Laurier, please visit the OSAP for Micro-credential Funding webpage. Email questions to continuingeducation@wlu.ca.

Eating disorders are complicated, so equipping yourself with accurate and relative information is incredibly important. There can be life-threatening health consequences to an eating disorder. Simply put, intervention can save lives.

Increasing your knowledge and awareness about the potential warning signs of an eating disorder puts you in a better position to possibly change the course of a young person’s life, helping them find long-term health and happiness.

This is a crucial module for educators of all grade levels. Early intervention is critical when dealing with eating disorders and issues related to body image. Your ability to recognize the warning signs in young students can help reduce their risk for later problems.

Primary and junior school years are an excellent window of opportunity to help build resiliency in young children, so they can better resist negative media messaging, and social pressure to engage in unhealthy eating and weight-related behaviour.

Instructor: Carolyn FitzGerald, assistant professor, Faculty of Education, Wilfrid Laurier University, PhD (clinical psychology).


Participants must first complete module 1 before completing modules 2-7.  You are welcome to register for modules 2-7 concurrently with a registration for module 1, however module 1 must be completed before completing additional modules.

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Module 5: Body Image and Eating Disorders: When the Mirror Talks Back
Feb 28, 2022 to Mar 18, 2022
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This is 1 of the 7 modules required to complete the Mental Health Issues in the Classroom Certificate. 

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