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Mindfulness is increasingly being shared with children and adolescence in educational, medical, mental health, community and home settings. Research shows that mindfulness practice with children and adolescents can reduce stress, improve emotion regulation, foster academic learning, reduce anxiety, increase executive function and promote overall well-being. With all these known benefits, it is understandable why adults would want to start teaching children early on. But how can we engage children in practicing mindfulness, when it is associated with sitting still for long periods of time? 

This experiential workshop will offer an introduction to sharing mindfulness and conducting inquiry with children and adolescents in engaging and age-appropriate ways, informed by the intersection of mindfulness and neurobiology. Through story, art, music, movement and ‘formal’ mindfulness practice, participants will learn to share mindfulness and neuroscience information with children and families in age-appropriate, playful and creative ways. All practices will be infused with the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness; acceptance, beginner’s mind, letting go, patience, trust, non-judgment, non-striving, as well as self-kindness and compassion.

In addition to didactic teaching and small group discussions, participants will have the opportunity to lead mindfulness-based practices and inquiry intended for children and families. With step-by-step scaffolding, participants will further develop their skills and confidence in sharing mindfulness with children and adolescents.


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Breathe In and Play: Mindfulness Practice with Children and Adolescence
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9:00AM to 4:00PM
Feb 22, 2023 to Feb 23, 2023
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Instructor: Sara Marlowe, MSW, RSW

Location: This workshop is being held remotely through Zoom. 

Website: wlu.ca/fswpd

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