2 Courses Required

The CBT certificate is comprised of two levels. You must complete each level in succession to receive the CBT certificate.

Level I will introduce you to the full set of core cognitive behaviour interventions to treat a broad array of presenting problems and disorders. This training will help you form professionally excellent cognitive behavioural therapy sessions, teaching about session structure and evaluation, assessment and treatment planning, cognitive restructuring and changing behavioural responses. You will learn interventions you can immediately begin putting into practice professionally as well as personally, across age populations (yes, including children and adolescents).

There are two Level I options to choose from:

  • Fundamentals of CBT
  • CBT for Chronic Illness and Diabetes Management

In Level II, you will learn how to expertly use the core CBT skills and interventions learned in Level I in application to the most prevalent DSM-V disorders.

There are two ways to complete your Level II course.

1. Choose ONE of the following 36-hour courses:

  • CBT for Anxiety Disorders and Depression
  • CBT with Trauma
  • Essentials of CBT with Children and Youth
  • CBT for Addictions (offered every other year)
  • CBT for Women's Reproductive Mental Health
  • Sacred Circle CBT -- Mikwendaagwad: “It is remembered, it comes to mind”

2. Choose THREE of the following 12-hour courses:

  • CBT for GAD, OCD and Panic Disorder
  • Advanced CBT for Depression
  • Using Exposure Therapy in CBT
  • Involving Caregivers in CBT for Children and Adolescents
  • Narrative Exposures for Trauma Memories

Level II best prepares you to treat the most presenting mental health disorders expertly and masterfully from assessment to treatment completion, providing all the worksheets and interventions you will need in your practice.

Each level consists of 36 hours of instruction*, plus readings and assignments that are done outside the classroom. Courses are designed to fit into any busy professional's life.

*CBT for Trauma also includes three monthly one-hour peer supervision sessions after the course ends. These peer supervision sessions are mandatory.

CBT Online

The online CBT courses are completely asynchronous. At the beginning of the course you'll be introduced to the learning objectives and then watch a video called Learning in Context that explains how the learning fits into practice and why it's needed.

You don't have to log on to the course at any particular time, but the course is broken into 12 separate weeks so you are required to log on and complete the work each week. Each weekly lesson includes:

  • Written lectures for you to read.
  • Recorded demos of the interventions being delivered for you to watch.
  • Mandatory discussion boards in which you answer questions about how to apply that week's learning to two case examples.
  • Submitted weekly assignments (Level I only).
  • Assigned textbook readings.
  • A quiz.

In addition to the mandatory discussion posts, we also encourage you to network and share your thoughts and experiences about CBT with other participants in the course through the discussion board.

Admission Requirements

The CBT certificate is open to professionals and graduate students across disciplines and worksites. To be eligible for the program, you must have completed a degree in a relevant field or have a minimum of three years experience working in mental health, education, healthcare or a related field. Contact us at fswprofessionaldevelopment@wlu.ca if you require additional information.

To be eligible for Level II, you must have completed Level I (or an approved equivalent). To enhance your learning and ability to apply the material covered in this course, it is also highly beneficial to have past, current or anticipated experience working within a mental health setting.

These courses focus on the protocols and application of cognitive behaviour therapy. Basic therapy skills (e.g. empathy, active listening, etc.), conducting assessments and setting and working with goals are required for success in this program but will not be covered in Level I or Level II.

Completion Requirements

To receive the CBT certificate you must successfully complete Level I and Level II courses

Note: You do not have to be working towards completing the CBT certificate to take the Level I course.

Participation and Attendance

Full attendance and participation are required to complete these courses. Participants are requested, as much as possible, to have their cameras on. We know there are situations where this is not possible, so please send a message to your instructor to let them know that you are unable to turn on your camera. Our CBT courses are interactive and include breakout rooms, role play, group discussions and other activities. Participation is required.


Once you've completed the Laurier CBT certificate (both Level I and Level II) you are eligible to take other CBT Level I and Level II courses at a 50% discount. Contact the Professional Development office at fswprofessionaldevelopment@wlu.ca to request the discount code.

The CBT certificate is not eligible for any other discounts.

Becoming a Therapist

Completing this CBT certificate will not qualify you to register with any College or association, including the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers or the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Please visit those websites for information on becoming a therapist in Ontario.

Lunch and Learns

In addition to the CBT certificate, we offer monthly CBT Lunch and Learns.

Contact Information

For more information about this certificate contact the Faculty of Social Work Professional Development office:

Email: fswprofessionaldevelopment@wlu.ca
Phone: 548-889-4967

See our website and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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