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Are you a congregational leader striving to create a more inclusive church community? Do you support people with disabilities in a faith-based setting? Luther’s Certificate in Disability and Christian Faith will provide you the opportunity to explore the intersection among disability, spirituality, mental health, and caregiving, with the specific goal of creating more diverse and welcoming communities.  

Increasingly pastors, church leaders, and community workers, are called to welcome and support people of all ages with disabilities and mental health challenges, as well as family members who provide care (parents, spouses, adult children). It can be challenging to know how to respond. This certificate program explores the practical, theological, and ethical challenges many faith communities face as they strive to be inclusive and equitable. Together, along with experts in the field, we will explore ways communities of faith can welcome and celebrate the full participation and leadership of all members, particularly those who live with disabilities and mental health challenges.

The Certificate in Disability, Inclusive Ministry, and Christian Faith allows adult learners the opportunity to participate in subject-focused, remote, part-time, non-credit seminars that can be completed in a concentrated timeframe. You are welcome to take as few as one or two courses based on your time and interest, or you can complete three courses and a capstone project focused on a topic or project of your choice to earn a Certificate in Disability, Inclusive Ministry, and Christian Faith.

Who is this certificate for?

You!  This certificate is geared for people who work in congregations and faith-based communities such as ordained clergy, youth pastors, non-ordained ministry personnel, and Sunday school teachers.   As well, those who are interested in the intersection of spirituality, disability, caregiving, and mental health such as health care providers and educators may find the certificate relevant.  Courses are non-credit and open access.  Anyone wishing to learn more is encouraged to contact continuingeducation@wlu.ca

You’ll learn.

Our certificate is grounded in adult learning principles.  We know that adult learners have very limited time and bring valuable experience to the learning environment.  You want courses that are interesting, relevant, focused, and allow you to balance learning with the demands of everyday life. Alongside experts in the field, classes will explore theoretical work and relevant research and explore meaningful and practical strategies to create more inclusive faith communities.

Together we will:

  •  Discuss the practical and theological reasons behind why faith communities may struggle to welcome people with diverse abilities.
  •  Explore disability in the Bible.
  •  Review the current research in the fields of disability theology, ethics, and inclusive ministry, and consider their relevance in the daily work and life of   faith communities.
  •  Identify the important ways people with disabilities and mental health challenges contribute to the life and work of faith communities.
  •  Rethink worship and ministry to celebrate the participation and leadership of all members.
  •  Identify practical strategies to create more inclusive faith communities that welcome the contributions and leadership of all members.
  •  Consider our personal calling in terms of the ongoing conversation and work of disability theology and inclusive ministry.

*  10% Alumni discount available on all courses. Please contact continuingeducation@wlu.ca for discount code. 

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