A teacher leans over the desks of two students smiling and helping them do their work.

1.2 million children and youth are affected by a mental illness in Ontario, but less than one-third will connect with a mental health professional. 

Developed in partnership with Continuing Education and the Faculty of Education, this series of micro-credentials provides educators and related professionals with the opportunity to develop skills, strategies, and resources to support children and youth mental health.

Join over 300 teachers, school administrators, school paraprofessionals and coaches who have learned how to respond, support, and appropriately refer students who may be struggling with these issues.



Those wishing to register should have group, classroom or administrative responsibilities within an educational context, or have their Bachelor of Education.

Interested paraprofessionals may contact Carolyn FitzGerald regarding their suitability for these microcredentials. 



A micro-credential is a widely recognized professional development credential for short and focused programs around specific teaching competencies. Each module in this series acts as it’s own micro-credential. 

  • After each completed module, participants will be issued a letter of completion from Laurier Continuing Education and Faculty of Education.
  • Take all six micro-credentials to earn the Mental Health Skills for Educators Certificate



Free introductory session:  Introduction to Children and Youth Mental Health: Skills for Educators

Testimonial: Mental Health Skills for Educators has opened my eyes to the many struggles our students face as well as how their illnesses affect their abilities to function in the classroom...I feel much better prepared to meet the needs of my students, both academically and emotionally.

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