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Business and Management
Course Location Delivery Options Availability
0131 Accepting and Adapting to Organizational Change in a Disruptive Environment 0131 Not Currently Available
0250 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI 0250 Online Remote Available
0130 Clinical Supervision 0130 Not Currently Available
0132 Community Consultation and Needs Assessment 0132 Not Currently Available
0020 CRM54 - Risk Management Principles and Practices 0020 Online Remote Available
0017 CRM55 - Risk Assessment and Treatment 0017 Online Remote Available
0019 CRM56 - Risk Financing 0019 Online Remote Available
Image not available D2L Integration Test 2 0122 Not Currently Available
0181 Dare to Leadâ„¢ 0181 Not Currently Available
0127 Fundamentals of Management 0127 Workshop Remote Available
0123 Human Resource (HR) Management 0123 Workshop Remote Available
0046 Indigenous Peoples Certificate, Module 2 "Circle Work" 0046 Not Currently Available
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