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Course Location Delivery Options Availability
0218 Capstone Project 0218 Remote Available
0214 Christian Theologies of Disability 0214 Online Remote Available
Image not available D2L Integration Test Course 0117 Not Currently Available
0181 Dare to Leadâ„¢ 0181 Not Currently Available
0213 Disability and the Bible 0213 Not Currently Available
0215 Inclusive Ministry: Creating Communities of Belonging 0215 Online Remote Available
0022 Indigenous Peoples Certificate, Module 3 "Building Our Bundles" 0022 Remote Circle Work Available
0183 Program Evaluation Certificate 0183 Remote Available
0220 Project Management 0220 Not Currently Available
0212 Questioning Ability 0212 Online Remote Available
0216 Taking Care 0216 Not Currently Available
0217 Theology and Mental Health 0217 Not Currently Available
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