Course Description

In this module of the Indigenous Peoples Certificate, brought to you by the Centre for Indigegogy, participants will engage in circle sessions with course facilitators toward engaging circle work, bundle work and principles of Indigegogy. This module’s emphasis is on experiential and reflexive practice. In this module, participants will further tailor their understandings toward their own contexts. Building practices from one's Indigenous centre is a central theme of this module that aims to deepen one's understanding, knowledge and ability to practice and work from an Indigenous centre. We strive to help participants have confidence and pride when applying and practicing our Indigenous knowledge, experiences and teachings.

Course Outline

Participants will:

  • Continue to practice circle work in teaching and learning.
  • Continue to have teachings and knowledge transferred.
  • Reflect on their teaching and learning experiences.
  • Engage in doing and experiential learning in circle work.

Learner Outcomes

Participant will leave with:

  • Culturally infused teachings related to Indigegogy.
  • Enriched circle knowledge.
  • Tools to put into practice Indigegogy in their own contexts.


This workshop is developed and delivered by the Centre for Indigegogy. To learn more about the Centre for Indigegogy, please visit our website wlu.ca/fsw/indigegogy.

For more information, please contact Raven Morand, Administrative Assistant at rmorand@wlu.ca.


This workshop makes up 14 out of 84 hours required to receive the Indigenous Peoples Certificate. 

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Indigenous Peoples Certificate, Module 4 "Putting Indigegogy into Practice" makes up 14 out of 84 hours required to receive your certificate.
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