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During this challenging time, we are offering two versions of a special edition module to help support your positive mental well-being. The Essential Self-Care and Resilience course is designed to be readily accessible so you can see the benefits of your learnings immediately. Topics include the value of self-care, psychological self-care, physical self-care and spiritual and social self-care as well as a resilience component specifically focused on stress.

Free version - no assessments and designed to provide important and useful information to help with your self-care and resilience

Certificate of Completion version - the same useful information and tools, along with 5 assessments.  A certificate of completion is presented when successfully completion the module.

Course Details

This course is based on select material from our Self-Care and A Pathway for Resilience: Growth Mindset modules within our Positive Psychology Certificate. 

There are five lessons in this course, each taking between one and two hours. This special edition of our course is uninstructed so you can work at your own pace and spend more time on the sections that are most relevant to you. The course includes relevant videos, readings and reflections which could contribute to the ability to thrive and flourish during difficult times.

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If you are interested in pursuing any of our certificates, see our Positive Psychology Certificate page for more information about how you can enroll.

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