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Wholistic Healing Practices and Colonial Trauma Certificate, Module 3 "Wholistic Approaches to Caring for our Children: Alternative Care in Customary Care and Kin Care" is developed and delivered by the Centre for Indigegogy. Colonial trauma has plagued Indigenous families, children and communities since contact. Capacity building in communities is key to restoring children’s’ safety and wellbeing. We are currently in positions to create community-informed alternative care approaches to caring for our children in community by generating Indigenous-centred tools for assessment and care. In this two-day workshop, participants will learn about methods of community engagement and how to build relationships with community-based on trust. We will learn about processes of how to help communities build their own unique processes to alternative care. Working with children in care is distinct and requires a wholistic lens and Indigenous based practice approaches. Unique approaches inclusive of cultural teachings, ceremony and relationship building guide wholistic practice with children, families and communities.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understanding the impact of colonial trauma in child welfare and childcare.
  • Fostering skills and knowledge on wholistic practice with alternative care practices.
  • Increasing understanding on how to foster relationship building and processes for community-based process for caring for children in community.
  • Build an understanding of Indigenous centred tools such as HEART and SPIRIT and IFDA as a wholistic assessment tool.


This workshop is developed and delivered by the Centre for Indigegogy. To learn more about the Centre for Indigegogy, please visit our website wlu.ca/fsw/indigegogy.

Questions? Please contact us at indigegogy@wlu.ca


This workshop makes up 14 out of 84 hours required to receive the Wholistic Healing Practices and Colonial Trauma Certificate. Module 1, 2 and 4 are required core modules. 

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Wholistic Healing Practices Certificate, Module 3 "Kinship and Customary Care in Indigenous Child Welfare"
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9:00AM to 4:30PM
Nov 21, 2024 to Nov 22, 2024
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