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This workshop is developed and delivered by the Centre for Indigegogy. To learn more about the Centre for Indigegogy please visit our website.

Course Outline

The colonial imposition has greatly impacted Indigenous nations in the areas of identity, gender and sexuality creating a myriad of challenges for those who do not ascribe to the Western belief of the binary spectrum of sexuality, gender or sex.  It is no secret that colonization along with its confounding factors embedded in our history created damaging and lasting effects on Indigenous peoples across many nations, including nations in Canada.  These confounding factors served to disrupt, destroy and disconnect Indigenous peoples from their gender identity and expressions. Topics such as the history of two-spirit people, naming and labels, grappling with an unwelcomed identity, significant timeline events, decades of resurgence, and an approach to decolonizing gender will be covered in this workshop.  Knowledge spanning across North America will be the primary focus with a narrowed intent to look at a Canadian-specific context. 

Learner Outcomes

Learning outcomes include:

  • an introduction to perspectives on gender identity, roles and status
  • a timeline of Indigenous two spirits and sexuality
  • names for the Indigenous gender variant through time
  • understanding historical influence and impacts on gender variants
  • reclamation phases of Indigenous Multiple Gender Expressions
  • how to put this knowledge into practice


Jac is a Manitoban-born Métis scholar & practitioner living in the Treaty 1 Territory and Homeland of the Métis Nation in Manitoba. Jac’s previous research has focused on areas of Indigenous health, education, cultural proficiency and the social sciences with a primary focus on Indigenous identity and two-spirit ways of being. Jac’s experience and research in the area of Two-Spirit history and knowledge span nearly 30 years.

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9:00AM to 4:30PM
Mar 28, 2024 to Mar 29, 2024
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Course Fee non-credit $350.00
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This is workshop makes up 14 out of 84 hours to complete the Wholistic Healing Practices and Colonial Trauma Certificate.

Core modules 1, 2 and 4 are mandatory.

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