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Since contact, there has been generational trauma and violence directed toward Indigenous men, women and children. In order to achieve generational healing, especially when mainstream society is all around us, it is important for Indigenous people to lead our own healing and wellness. We need to be the mentors when working in tandem with western conventional systems. We need to guide mainstream care providers because they don’t carry the knowledge of what is essential for our wellness or how we deliver care. Often, men aren’t comfortable talking about what’s troubling them inside. They feel they may not have the skills to articulate their feelings or the confidence that people will still accept them once they do. As men, we need to talk about the story that lives within us. We need to use what wounded us to make us stronger. We need to learn how to accept our own story and respond to it in a positive manner. The person will find themselves again through their culture and teachings and generational healing – “He will still come back again.”

Learner Outcomes

  • To build knowledge on how colonization, residential schools, Indian hospitals, and religious institutions interfered with the development of a kind Indigenous human being.
  • Honoring and validating our combined knowledges & working in tandem with mainstream mental health.
  • An understanding of the Spirit that lives within the Substance.
  • Staying ‘Out of the Way’ as a helper but being available at the same time.
  • Decolonizing educational facilities and hospitals and addressing the importance of Sacred Space within these institutions.
  • Identifying systemic barriers to Indigenous wellness and access to wellness.


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Remote Circle Work
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9:00AM to 4:30PM
May 09, 2024 to May 10, 2024
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Remote Circle Work  
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Course Fee non-credit $350.00
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This is workshop makes up 14 out of 84 hours to complete the Wholistic Healing Practices and Colonial Trauma Certificate.

Core modules 1, 2 and 4 are mandatory.

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