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In this two-day workshop, brought to you by the Centre for Indigegogy, Kathy’s passion for research will engage participants in a critical examination of euro-western research and its challenges and limitation in and on Indigenous peoples' contexts. In this first workshop, participants will gain a foundational knowledge-based of the history of research on Indigenous peoples while exploring the continuum of research paradigms toward an Indigenous research paradigm. This session will transforms ones perspective in how they understand the role and place of Indigenous knowledge in a research journey. Participants will leave with an appreciation and increased understanding of what research is and how one might engage in research. These two days will widen your lens to inspire and ground you in understanding Indigenous research.


This workshop is developed and delivered by the Centre for Indigegogy. To learn more about the Centre for Indigegogy, please visit our website wlu.ca/fsw/indigegogy.

Questions? Please contact us at indigegogy@wlu.ca

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IRS, Module 1 - Fall 2024
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9:00AM to 4:30PM
Oct 24, 2024 to Oct 25, 2024
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