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When individuals experience a sudden, unexpected and/or violent death, we can anticipate that trauma is going to be part of their grief experience. Traumatic bereavement, however, is more than just the co-existence of grief and trauma. It is the interaction between grief and trauma that creates a persistent and prolonged set of painful and debilitating symptoms. This unique grief experience is highly vulnerable to environmental triggers which are imbedded in the neuropathways of the brain. ‘Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder’ is the category under consideration in the DSM-V, which incorporates the existing literature on complicated grief (CG) as well as new clinical considerations. Trauma informed grief work has become the new standard for clinicians working with individuals who have experienced a traumatic loss. In this workshop, participants will learn about:

  • Complicated grief.
  • Suicide bereavement.
  • The effects of trauma on the mourner.
  • Assessment and diagnostic criteria for CG.
  • Trauma informed grief therapy.
  • The importance of ceremonies and rituals.
  • Taking care to give care.


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Traumatic Bereavement
Apr 19, 2021 to May 30, 2021
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