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Hours: 12

The polyvagal theory (PVT) has been enthusiastically heralded by trauma therapists worldwide as a game changing framework with which to understand client symptoms and intervene more effectively in treatment. Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the PVT offers a more nuanced explanation of what happens to the nervous system when we experience a neuroception of safety, danger or life threat, and practical tools to guide client work in a variety of contexts. From a trauma perspective, understanding the body’s response to trauma, and the role of the autonomic nervous system, assists clients in being able to tune into somatic sensations, expand the window of tolerance, and physiologically ground themselves in and out of sessions, ensuring they can safely process. 

This two-day educational and applied professional development course will draw on the work of Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana to translate the complex neuroscience model into easy-to apply concepts that participants can explore in relation to their own lives, their workplaces, and their clients. 


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This course has already taken place for the current academic year (July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025).

The 2025/2026 Faculty of Social Work Professional Development course dates will be posted on this website on July 3, 2025.

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