Course Description

Hours: 12

Solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) is an evidence-based, brief psychotherapy approach that provides interviewing tools and techniques that practitioners can use to identify and amplify people’s strengths and viable solutions to problems. “Rather than looking for what is wrong and how to fix it, we tend to look for what is right and how to use it” (Berg and Miller, 1992).

This workshop will provide participants with clinical training in solution focused brief therapy, focusing on the three key components of competency: clinical thinking, clinical stance and clinical practice (techniques and specific applications). A solid foundation on the systemic background and philosophy of SFBT will set the stage for mastering the main interventions:

  • advanced micro-skills
  • micro-questions
  • the specific SFBT techniques
  • step-by-step guidelines (including the ‘Therapist Checklist’ and ‘micro-analysis’) for conducting effective SFBT

Didactic presentation, video-recorded examples of SFBT sessions, and experiential exercises will be used to provide a comprehensive, fun and challenging training experience.

Learner Outcomes

Suppose tonight, while you’re sleeping a miracle happens – and tomorrow when you awaken you find that you’re an even more efficient solution-focused brief therapist than before! How will you know? What will you notice? Specifically, what will you be doing differently?

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Know the research supporting SFBT.
  • Understand the tenets, assumptions and stance necessary to provide effective SFBT, including the influential theories that guide SFBT.
  • Know techniques for discovering the abilities, skills and virtues of their clients and the rationale behind doing so based on Seligman and Peterson’s research on character strengths and virtues.
  • Understand and be able to implement the five main treatment interventions.
  • Master techniques specific to SFBT.
  • Utilize micro-questions and the ability to ‘slice it thin’.
  • Use micro-analysis to develop therapeutic skills.
  • Know how languaging skills, such as being tentative, pre-suppositional, and metaphorical, enhance the work.
  • Understand the application of SFBT to specific presenting issues such as anxiety and depression.


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