Course Description

Hours: 12

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the lives of all people living in Canada. The ongoing economic hardships, disruptions to daily routines, feelings of loneliness and disconnection have all contributed to the increased levels of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. The factors have been closely association with the decline in mental health and a rise in substance use among many individuals.  

Co-occurring substance use and mental health problems present a challenge for people in accessing comprehensive support and services. Historically, treatment options have been largely compartmentalized – where people go one place for addiction treatment and then must go somewhere else to address their mental health concerns. This was further exacerbated by the limited access to services and support during the pandemic. To address this, this workshop is designed to increase the number of professionals who are CD informed across diverse fields of practice. Students will gain the fundamental skills and knowledge to provide an integrated treatment approach, ensuring a more positive and effective experience for clients.

Learner Outcomes

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of the complex nature of concurrent disorders.
  • Truly meet people where they are at by developing a compassionate screening process and appreciating the function of addiction in their life.
  • Learn to practice from a No wrong door approach when working with concurrent disorders. 
  • Consider the role stigma and shame plays in keeping people stuck and how to work with it more effectively.
  • Explore strategies to facilitate recovery and maintain optimal mental health.
  • Be informed of best practices and increase clinical knowledge.

CACCF: 12 continuing education hours


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This workshop is currently not available. The 2024/2025 Faculty of Social Work Professional Development course and workshop dates will be available on July 8, 2024.

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