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Hours: 12

This workshop will take an expansive view of harm reduction, allowing you to gain insights into why, despite the controversy that still swirls around the topic, it is fundamental practice within the addiction field. By the conclusion of the workshop you will gain the ability to explain to individuals inside and outside of the addiction field why claiming that harm reduction strategies promote drug use in the same as stating that wearing a seat belt promotes automobile collisions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of the philosophy of harm reduction and how it is a response to Canadian drug policy.

  • Develop an understanding of harm reduction principles.
  • Understand harm reduction within the context of the social determinants of health.
  • Become knowledgeable about health issues that arise due to unsafe drug using practices.
  • Learn about core education and prevention programming initiatives in the addiction field.
  • Develop an awareness of the range of harm reduction programming options available in Canada.
  • Develop an appreciation for the intersection of drug use, sex and safe sex practices.

CACCF: 12 continuing education hours 


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The Essentials of Harm Reduction
May 13, 2024 to Jun 23, 2024
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Instructor: Dr. Rick Csiernik, BSc, BSW, MSW, PhD, RSW, CCAC

Location: This online, asynchronous course will be available on the start date through MyLearningSpace, which is accessible through your student portal.

Website: wlu.ca/fswpd

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