Course Description

Hours: 12
Positive psychology is the scientific study of optimal human functioning and the conditions that lead to this. While traditional psychology has focused on discovering the causes and effective treatments of mental illness, and has made great advances to this end, positive psychology posits that we can do more. People come to us wanting to achieve more than simply "the absence of depression"; they want to be happy and fulfilled. Research in positive psychology has found that the interventions that lead to this latter state are distinct from interventions that treat mental illness. Positive interventions can be taught for different purposes: they can be a supplement to other therapy interventions, they can be taught in their own right, and/or they can be taught for the purpose of prevention of later psychological problems by building resilience.
Topics studied in positive psychology include factors and interventions that lead to optimism, resilience, well-being, fulfillment, success and authentic happiness. In this interactive workshop, we will review the research findings and the evidence-based interventions of positive psychology that can be applied in counselling and education settings as well as in our own lives. 

The one week break in between days 1 and 2 of this workshop is intended to give an opportunity for participants to practice the positive interventions taught in class.

Learner Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  • The fundamental concepts of positive psychology and their practical applications.
  • The five pillars of psychological well-being and authentic happiness.
  • How to identify and use "signature strengths" to increase well-being.
  • The "broaden and build" model of positive emotions.
  • Evidence-based interventions that lead to flourishing.


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