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Hours: 12

This workshop will help professionals understand and learn how to therapeutically support neurodivergent children and youth, including young people with ADHD, ASD and/or dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia. The workshop takes the neurodiversity rights movement perspective and challenges stigma related to neurodiversity in our culture and systems. Space will be created to have an open and honest conversations about disabling environments, discrimination and stigma in our systems and culture and how professionals who are directly involved with supporting the mental health of neurodiverse folks can integrate these approaches into their work.  

The training will include the exploration and implementation of therapeutic approaches for children, and youth using diverse approaches. The ways to support parents/caregivers who struggle with managing their own views and experiences of neurodivergence as well as how to support parents/caregivers who engage with systems that their children are a part of will also be explored. Throughout the workshop there will be discussion and integration of the intersectionality of neurodiverse folks and their families. The concept of neuro-affirming care will include discussion and conversation around what it is, how to engage in being neuro-affirming, and important considerations. Reflexivity and positionality will be used throughout the workshop. 


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Working with Neurodiverse Children and Youth: An Anti-Oppressive Approach
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9:00AM to 4:00PM
Jun 24, 2024 to Jun 25, 2024
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Instructor: Melissa Fellin, MSW, RSW, PhD

Location: This workshop is being held remotely through Zoom. 

Website: wlu.ca/fswpd

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