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As supervisors, we are trained to examine and discuss how our supervision clients utilize themselves when doing their therapy work. We are inquisitive around their choices, blind spots, motivations and confidence as we provide them with support and guidance to do good work. But what about our use of self as supervisors? Even though we are not using therapeutic techniques to treat our supervisees, we are using our skills to listen, communicate and give feedback, and are constantly making choices as to where we place our focus during our supervision sessions. Cultivating awareness as to how information we receive makes us feel, and how that impacts our choices and direction is critical. This workshop will explore personal factors impacting our role as supervisors, including how our knowledge, skills and attitudes influence our work, how we can address our responses to differences, exploring biases and values conflicts, and how we can effectively manage reactivity, countertransference and parallel processes so that we can remain aware of our own blind spots and identify how our own humanity and self-awareness can enrich the work we do.


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Safe and Effective Use of Self in Clinical Supervision
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May 16, 2024 to May 17, 2024
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Instructor: Alison Maslin-Maratos, BSW, MSW, RSW

Location: This workshop is being held remotely through Zoom. 

Website: wlu.ca/fswpd

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