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Come join us for a monthly Seminar Series that features an ongoing Two Row dialogue between a Haudenosaunee elder (Norma Jacobs) and an Anishinaabe elder (Banakonda Kennedy-Kish Bell) around various themes that will help clarify the value of diverse Indigenous understandings in relationship. These teachings will be rooted in values like Peace, Kindness, Honesty, Sharing and Respect. Respect for elders and the unique cultural teachings they lift up. Respect for each others’ gifts as they model reciprocity and Respectful Sharing across various thematic teachings. Diversity is essential to Peace, and being able to encounter and learn from each other without appropriating or mixing is a discipline we should reach for. This is part of what these two Elders want to model in this series of virtual teachings.

There is a storm arising on the Two Row’s river of life, and people are searching for a balance that they are not experiencing in there life today. The vision of sharing these Indigenous teachings is meant to help with that search for balance which Norma and Banakonda have long been searching for. Each cultural tradition needs to be respected for where they have arisen in relation with the land, ancestors and spirit, and yet continuing to come into a relationship of learning with each other and the world. We need to recall ways of relating across cultures without forgetting the importance of honouring our roots. Though we can be informed by many of our relations, we must do so with a spirit of Respect rather than taking. If we can do this, then we honour the gifts we each carry. This is the spirit of the dialogues  

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