Course Description

Hours: 12

This workshop focuses on building resilience in children who have experienced trauma by briefly reviewing the various definitions of childhood trauma and exploring how trauma impacts the brain and areas of development specifically in a child or youth. The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES) is reviewed to demonstrate how trauma interrupts development and presents itself through behaviours, reactions, responses and symptoms that often mimic or contribute to the development of mental health disorders. The critical core components of evidence based treatment models are reviewed to highlight effective intervention practices. Concepts from positive psychology and the narrative approach are integrated into this workshop, along with the recent research on resiliency, well-being, post traumatic growth and self-regulation. Pathways to resilience and protective factors in childhood are emphasized so that participants feel hopeful and have concrete strategies to help. Strategies on creating a safe place for children and youth who have experienced trauma, that specifically attends to their needs, will be explored along with the key elements involved in helping to create the context to shift a trauma story into one that focuses on resilience.

Information is provided throughout the presentation using video, activities and discussion. Many resources will be shared to provide participants with tools to further integrate building resilience in their work with children and youth who have experienced trauma.

Learner Outcomes

Participants will learn: 
  • Definitions of trauma.
  • What the research is telling us on how trauma impacts childhood development and the elevated risks of unresolved trauma.
  • Critical components common to all effective trauma treatment interventions.
  • How the research from positive psychology, resiliency, well- being, post traumatic growth and self- regulation can help us in our work with children who have experienced trauma.
  • Eight resilience based story shifters that can make a difference for someone who has experienced trauma.


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