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Women play an essential role in society – in the workplace, within families and as caregivers. Unfortunately, biology alone can often increase risk of mental health struggles across the lifespan, like hormone-related anxiety, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, prenatal and perinatal anxiety and depression, perimenopause related depression and more. Hormone-related mood changes and insomnia, reproductive-related health anxiety, infertility, miscarriage and traumatic births and postpartum experiences can all contribute to bereavement, depression, anxiety and symptoms of PTSD. In this highly specialized course, you will learn not only about reproductive related changes that impact women’s mental health throughout the lifetime, but how to identify and best respond to these in the most evidence-based ways. Comprehensive in its review of reproductive mental health, research, conceptualization, cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, and behaviour change interventions will focus very specifically on how to best support women through their lifetime. Additional lessons will include mindfulness and self-compassion for motherhood and caregiving, and couples counselling for lesbian and transgender moms. All CBT techniques will be taught as well as resources provided, with a focus on delivery, examples, adaptation and homework assignments for these specific presenting issues.

Participants should plan on four to seven hours per week dedicated to readings, discussions and quizzes. 

There are no required textbooks for this course. All required material will be provided during the course.


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Level II: CBT for Women’s Reproductive Mental Health
May 13, 2024 to Aug 04, 2024
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Instructor: Sue Reid, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW, MEd

Location: This online, asynchronous course will be available on the start date through MyLearningSpace, which is accessible through your student portal.

Website: wlu.ca/fswpd

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