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Hours: 12

This level two training will build on prior knowledge and skills from the introductory polyvagal workshop (Polyvagal Theory: A Bottom-Up Approach for Trauma Treatment). This training will provide an expanded understanding of the following areas within a polyvagal-informed approach, including:

  • Overview of the three principles of polyvagal theory.
  • The how-to’s of bringing polyvagal theory to your clients.
  • The role of vagal tone and physiological regulation of emotions.
  • The vagal pathway as a means towards compassion.
  • The role of polyvagal-informed group psychotherapy.
  • The neurophysiological mechanisms of ‘feeling safe’ within the therapeutic relationship.
  • A new understanding of psychological disorders and somatopsychological problems from a polyvagal-informed practice. 

A significant component of this training will cover many practical hands-on exercises for applying polyvagal-informed techniques to your practice.


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Developing an Expanded Understanding of a Polyvagal-Informed Practice
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9:00AM to 4:00PM
Jan 16, 2023 to Jan 17, 2023
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Instructor: Ian Robertson, MSW, RSW

Location: This workshop is being held remotely through Zoom. 

Website: wlu.ca/fswpd

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